How to Keep Your WordPress Blog Spam Free

Whether you’re a professional blogger or a part-time blogger, simply continue reading to discover how to prevent your WordPress blog from becoming inundated with spam!

How to keep your WordPress blog spam free:

Utilize honeypot technology to block spam bots from leaving comments on your blog

If visitors to your blog find that blog has been spammed by fake bots who post comments which advertise a product or service, they’ll think twice before revisiting your blog. As it’s not professional to run a blog has more comments from bloggers than actual readers.

To prevent spammers from leaving comments on your post it’s well worth downloading honeypot software such as WP Spam Fighter, which will create a hidden form on your comments page which is only viewable to bots. As spam bots are programmed to automatically fill out every field in a form, their comment will automatically be flagged as spam and won’t appear in your blog post.

Force readers to enter a captcha verification code

Another way to stop spam bots from flooding your blog is to force all of your readers to successfully enter a captcha verification code before their comment is posted to your blog. Just be mindful that human spammers will still be able to enter captcha verification codes and spam your blog. While the most popular type of captcha verification tests involves typing out a blurry code, some tests involve having your readers click on certain items in an image, such as cars or trees.

Choose to have a moderator approve all comments before they are posted on your blog

If you’re at your wit’s end, you can change your WordPress settings so that each comment which has been submitted, has to be manually approved by a moderator, before it’s posted to your blog site.

Better yet, if you choose to moderate each individual comment posted, you’ll have the option of permanently blacklisting any user which tries to spam your blog site. You can also check a handy box which is titled “comment author must have a previously approved comment”, to automatically approve comments from users who you trust will leave a proper comment. This is a handy feature to take advantage of if your blog attracts a sizeable following and you’re keen to avoid spending countless hours moderating the comments which are left on your blog.

Carefully moderate each comment, which contains more than 1 link

You may not be aware that any comment which is left on a WordPress blog which contains more than one link will be automatically flagged for moderation. As the bulk of spammers will include at least one link to a third party website in their blog comments.

Before approving any blog comment which features a hyperlink, it’s highly advisable to check out the link which has been posted. To see whether or not it’s a link to a product or service, which a bot or a human spammer is trying to push, in order to earn a small commission.

So if one of your primary goals is to restrict your blog’s comment section to genuine readers, it’s well worth following the 4 handy tips listed above!

How to Keep Your Computer Safe: 5 Invaluable Tips to Follow

In today’s fast-paced, digital age it’s crucial to take preventative measures to ensure that your computer is adequately protected against digital threats, such as hackers and viruses. To learn how to keep your computer safe, simply continue reading to discover 5 handy tips to follow.

How to keep your computer safe:

5 Invaluable tips to follow

Install anti-virus software from a company who you can trust

In order to prevent viruses such as trojan viruses from infecting your computer, it’s well worth downloading anti-virus software from a trusted internet security computer such as McAfee or AVG. As if your computer is infected by a virus your personal information such as your credit card details may be compromised and you may notice that your computer starts to slow down. Some viruses may even cause your computer to crash and reboot itself continuously.

Depending on the software you purchase, your computer may automatically download new updates on a periodical basis, which will help your computer combat the latest viruses to hit the internet.

Consider installing anti-spyware software

As well as downloading anti-virus software it’s also well worth downloading anti-spyware software, which will prevent companies or websites from selling your personal information to third parties. As an example, some websites sell their customer’s contact details to third parties, whilst other websites may sell users’ browser history to third parties, who are looking to collate private information for marketing purposes.

Make sure that the passwords which you use are impossible to guess

The key to creating a strong password is to pick a password which features at least 8 characters, including a character which is written in capslock as well as 2 numbers. It’s also well worth changing your passwords to all of your online accounts at least once a month.

Avoid using the same password for all of your online accounts

While using the same password for all of your online accounts may make life easier, if a hacker figures out your password, all of your online accounts will be compromised. So it pays to use several different passwords at any given point in time. Furthermore, if you receive an email from a website such as eBay or Facebook, which states that your password may be compromised, it’s highly advisable to immediately change all of your online passwords. As if a hacker has managed to crack one of your passwords, there is a high chance that they may have cracked some of your other passwords.

Regularly delete your browser’s history

One way to ensure that your passwords aren’t automatically stored on your computer is to regularly delete your browser’s history. By deleting your search history, you’ll also prevent other individuals from tracking the websites which you visit. As an example, if you routinely delete your search history, you won’t have to worry about someone you know or a hacker being given access to sensitive information, such as your log-in details to your online bank accounts.

So if you’re keen to protect your personal information whilst using a personal computer, it’s definitely worth following the 5 safety tips listed above.

5 Blog Marketing Tips To Follow

Whether you’ve just published your very first blog or you’re a seasoned blogger, simply continue reading to discover 5 effective marketing tips, which will help drive traffic to your blog.

5 Blog Marketing Tips To Follow:

Use various social media accounts to advertise your blog

Most successful bloggers use popular social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote their blogs. It’s well worth signing up for multiple social media accounts as you’ll be able to post links to your latest blog posts in each of your posts. As an example, if you’re a fashion blogger and post a photo of your outfit of the day on Facebook, you can link your followers to a blog post which features the outfit photographed.

Recruit guest bloggers to attract more traffic to your blog

It’s well worth reaching out to other bloggers who are authorities in your field, to write a guest post for your blog. If the bloggers who you recruit have a sizeable following, your blog may attract more traffic. Especially if you ask your guest bloggers to market their guest post on their social media accounts! If you reach out to bloggers who have roughly the same amount of followers as yourself, you may be able to write a guest post for your guest bloggers blogs, instead of paying them. However, if you plan on hiring the services of a more popular blogger, you may have to pay a small fee.

Make sure that the bulk of your readers are real

Some bloggers try to purchase hundreds or even thousands of fake views. However, most readers are tech savvy and can tell if a blogger is trying to fake running a successful blog. Especially if the comments left on each post are poorly written or have all been left over a couple of days.

Hold regular competitions to ensure that your bloggers regularly interact with your blog

If you host regular competitions, which offer prizes that are catered to your readers’ interests, you should see a spike in traffic to your blog. If you’re worried about spending a small fortune on prizes, there’s no need to worry as the prizes which you offer, don’t have to be expensive. Especially if your viewership is still growing and your readers know that they have a decent chance of winning a prize. When your blog becomes more successful, businesses may be willing to sponsor prizes in exchange for a shout-out in your blog.

Engage with your readers

No matter how professional your blog looks, if you fail to interact with your readers on a regular basis, your readers are unlikely to return to your blog in the future. Instead, make an effort to respond to each comment left on your blog posts in a timely manner and you’ll start to recruit regular readers, who’ll regularly interact with your posts. When new readers visit your blog and see that you have regular followers, they’ll also be far more likely to stick around.

So if you’re serious about driving traffic to your blog and increasing your blog’s popularity, it’s well worth following the 5 marketing tips listed above.

How to Save Money by Budgeting

If you’re interested in reaching your financial goals, sooner rather than later, it’s well worth learning how to budget.

How to save money by budgeting:

Figure out your monthly income as well as your monthly expenses

The first step to creating a budget is to figure out your monthly income. Once you’ve figured out your monthly income, tally up all of your monthly expenses. Examples of which may include necessities such as rent or mortgage repayments, electricity bills, internet bills and grocery bills. As well as luxury items such as designer clothing, movie tickets and drinks with your friends.

Ideally, your monthly expenses should be at least 20% lower than your monthly income as you should aim to save or invest at least 20% of your monthly income.

Find ways to decrease your monthly expenses

Once you’ve identified all of your monthly expenses, it’s well worth going down each item to see which expenses you may be able to cut from your budget. As an example, you may find that you spend a small fortune each month on groceries and that you may be able to slash your grocery budget in half by picking cheaper brands or by visiting a farmer’s market, in order to purchase fresh yet inexpensive produce.

Keep all of your receipts and record how much you spend each day in a daily journal

Instead of throwing your receipts in the nearest trash can which you can find, it’s well worth keeping your receipts and documenting all of your expenses. As you may get a fright when you realize how much you spend on takeaway coffees and junk food or on purchasing fast fashion.

Don’t spend any money on luxury items, until you’ve paid off all of your credit cards

If a significant portion of your monthly income goes towards paying off credit card debt or short-term loans, it’s well worth holding back on spending money on luxury items, until you’ve successfully paid off your debts. However, as it may take a significant time period to pay off a mortgage, it’s okay to spend money on luxuries before you pay off the entire sum of your mortgage. However, you may be interested in increasing your mortgage payments, so that you can pay off your mortgage sooner in order to avoid paying high-interest rates on your mortgage for several decades.

Let your long-term goals inspire you to keep to your monthly budget

One way to stick to your budget is to write down all of your long-term monetary goals. As an example, if one of your primary goals is to save for a house deposit, you may be far more likely to stick to your new budget if you keep your goals in mind. As you’ll be able to save for a house deposit far quicker if you’re able to slash your monthly expenses, in order to meet your financial goal of saving for a house deposit quicker.

So if you’re committed to achieving financial success it’s well worth following the 5 superb budgeting tips listed above!

7 Tips for Being Safe Online

While the average individual spends countless hours a day browsing the internet, it’s well worth taking preventative measures in order to protect your identity and your assets. If you’re interested, simply continue reading to discover 7 tips which help ensure your safety online.

7 Tips for being safe online:

 Regularly change your passwords

While you may be tempted to keep the same internet banking password and Facebook password for a year, it’s well worth getting into the habit of periodically changing all of your online passwords. It’s also wise to use a different password for each website that you regularly access.

Keep your social media profiles set to private

Although many individuals choose to keep their social media profiles public, in the hopes of becoming an internet sensation, it pays to keep your social media profiles private as strangers can discover a lot of personal information about you by following your social media profiles. As an example, the photographs which you post, show strangers which area you live in as well as the names and identities of all of your friends.

Don’t be tempted to add strangers on social media

While it may be flattering to have complete strangers direct message you or send you a friend request, catfishing is incredibly common and there is no way of finding out whether the person you think that you’re talking to, is the person that you’re actually talking to.

Whenever possible use PayPal whilst you’re online shopping

It’s well worth signing up for a PayPal account as PayPal refuses to do business with companies which have a reputation for scamming their customers. As an added bonus, if an online retailer tries to scam you, you can ask PayPal to reverse your payment. So if you’re looking to shop online, without risking giving out your credit card details it’s well worth utilizing PayPal, whenever you can.

Don’t click on emails or messages from people that you don’t know

To avoid having your email account hacked, it’s best to avoid opening emails from strangers. Especially if the subject matter suggests that you’ve won a cash prize. As if you click on an email which contains a virus, hackers may be given access to your entire address book and they may choose to send virus-laden emails to all of your friends and family members.

Invest in quality anti-virus software

If your computer becomes infected by malware, you risk your personal information such as your credit card details and online banking information being stolen. Worse yet, your computer may start to slow down and may start to crash as a result of any infections, which your computer has picked up.

Avoid posting photographs of yourself

Even if you enjoy taking selfies, it pays to keep your selfies to yourself as strangers may steal your photographs, in order to create fake social media profiles. So if you can resist the temptation to post photographs of yourself, it’s well worth using a scenic landscape photo or a cartoon photo as your social media avatar.

So if you’re serious about protecting yourself online, it’s well worth keeping the 7 safety tips listed above in mind.

5 Lifestyle Hacks Which You’ll Want To Share With Everyone You Know:

If you’re addicted to finding new life hacks, which will make your everyday life easier, simply continue reading to discover 5 creative lifehacks, which you’ll want to share with your friends and family members.

5 Lifestyle Hacks Which You’ll Want To Share With Everyone You Know:

Take photographs of your refrigerator and pantry, before grocery shopping

If you can never recall which products you’ve already purchased and which products, you’ve run out of, it pays to take photographs of your refrigerator and your pantry, with your smartphone. As you’ll be able to refer back to your photographs, whilst your grocery shopping. Remember to take photographs with your refrigerator doors open, so that you capture all of the products in your refrigerator door’s shelves.

Use a hangable shoe rack to store your cleaning supplies

If you normally throw all of your cleaning products underneath your laundry sink, you may want to use a hangable shoe rack to organize your cleaning supplies. As each shoe pocket is exactly the right size for the vast majority of cleaning products which are available. Better yet, if your home lacks free space, you can hang your hangable shoe rack on the back of your laundry door, in order to save room. Just be sure to place any cleaning products which contain potentially harmful ingredients on the top few rows of your shoe rack, if you have small children in your household.

Use an empty sunscreen bottle to hide your valuables at the beach

If you’re forever worrying about how to safely store your valuables such as your car keys, designer sunglasses, smartphone, and jewelry, whilst you’re swimming at the beach, you’ll love this ingenious lifehack. Simply clean out a large, rectangular shaped sunscreen bottle and use it to store your valuables, whilst you’re having fun swimming, surfing or stand up paddleboarding.

Use nail polish to paint each of your keys a different color

If you have a habit of running out of your house with the wrong keys and locking yourself out of your home, it’s well worth using nail polish to paint the top of each of your key’s a different color. As an example, you may want to paint your primary house key yellow, your back up house key blue, your car key orange and your garden shed’s key pink. You can even use a glow in the dark nail polish to paint your house key glow in the dark, which may be a godsend when you arrive home late at night and are rummaging around your bag for your house key.

If you run out of kitchen space, pull out a draw and balance a cutting board on it

If you house features a compact kitchen and you often find yourself struggling to find available counter space, simply pull out one of your kitchen draws and place a sturdy wooden cutting board on top of your draw.

So if you’re determined to make your life as simple as possible, it’s well worth utilizing the 5 creative life hacks listed above.

How to Keep Your Things Safe While Traveling

While planning trips is always exciting, it pays to think carefully about implementing safety precautions before stepping foot onto a plane. If you’re interested in ensuring that your belongings are kept safe throughout your trip, simply continue reading to discover 5 tips on keeping your belongings safe whilst traveling.

How to keep your things safe while traveling: 5 Invaluable tips

If you choose to use a backpack, carry it on your torso

Carrying a backpack on your back is a dangerous move as you’re unlikely to notice anyone tampering with your backpack’s zippers. Instead, carry your backpack on your front, so that you can keep an eye on your backpack at all times. If you’re female and traveling in an urban city it may be safer to carry a small handbag under your arm as you’ll be more likely to pass for a local and will decrease your chances of being targeted by potential thieves.

Keep your valuables stored in your hotel room’s safe

Try to book accommodation in hotels which offer high-quality safes, which you can protect with your choice of key code. It’s well worth storing your jewelry, cash, and passport in your safe. Just be sure to take a photo of your passport and any important documents, which you plan to store in your hotel room’s safe. As while it’s highly unlikely that your safe will be broken into, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions.

Read a variety of reviews on a hotel that you’re interested in before making a booking

If you plan on traveling to third world countries, it’s well worth reading several reviews on each hotel that you’re interested in before making a booking. As if a hotel’s staff have a penchant for stealing from their guests, it’s highly likely that disgruntled guests will have left scathing reviews.

Don’t keep all of your credits cards and cash in one place

The last thing you want is for a pickpocket to steal a wallet which contains all of your credit cards and cash. As it may several days to receive a temporary credit card, whilst you’re overseas. Instead, keep the bulk of your cash in your hotel room’s safe and only take out the money which you expect to spend each day, sightseeing. It’s also advisable to keep one credit card in your wallet and to conceal one credit card in your clothing. As an example, if you’re female you may want to purchase a bra which boasts a secret pocket. While if you’re male you may be interested in purchasing a money belt, which you can wear underneath your clothes.

If you travel with a friend, make sure to watch over each other’s property

As an example, whilst traveling through an airport, if you need to use a restroom, get your friend to look after your suitcase, whilst you head to the restroom. Instead of leaving your suitcase outside the restroom.

So if you’d love to return home with all of your possessions, it’s well worth taking the 5 safety tips listed above to heart.


5 Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe!

In order to keep your family safe and to protect your belongings, it’s well worth taking preventative measures to significantly decrease your chances of your home being robbed. If you’re interested, simply continue reading to discover 5 handy tips which keep your home safe.

5 Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe:

Make sure that you’re on a first name basis with each of your neighbors

It’s well worth introducing yourself to each of your neighbors as if you’re on friendly terms with your neighbors they’ll be able to clear your mail and watch over your property when you’re out of town. Having a trusted neighbor clear your mail will deter potential thieves from robbing your home as thieves often target homes, which appear to be unoccupied.

It’s also well worth exchanging mobile numbers with your neighbors as if your neighbors see any suspicious activity such as a stranger walking around your property, they’ll be able to contact you to let you know.

Invest in a high-quality mid-range home security system

Mid-range home security systems which feature an alarm have decreased in price in the last few years, so if you thought you’d have to spend over a thousand dollars on a decent home security system, think again. Home security systems are a godsend as the average thief will run a mile as soon as they hear a security alarm. As your average thief won’t have the technical know how to quickly disable a high-quality alarm.

Install a peephole in your front door

If you’re often home alone, it’s highly advisable to get a peephole installed in your front door. As you should never open your front door to a stranger unless you’re confident that the stranger on your doorstep is working for a trusted courier company or works for your local council.

Install outdoor lights which feature motion sensors

If a potential thief walks up to your home and bright lights are activated, they’ll move on to the next house. As no thief will risk being caught trying to break into your home under bright lights. As it’s highly likely that your neighbors will be alerted to their presence.

Create the illusion that you have a pet dog

Dogs are a natural deterrent for thieves as most dogs will bark and alert their owners if they notice an intruder. While some dogs may even attack intruders on-sight. If you don’t own a dog, you may want to put a sign telling visitors to beware of your dog on your fence or to place a dog house in your backyard.

Install extra locks on your window latches and sliding doors

It’s well worth having extra locks installed on your windows, as a large percentage of thieves choose to enter through windows, instead of through a front or back door. If your property features sliding doors, it’s also worth having a double lock installed on your sliding door. So, if one of your priorities is to ensure the safety of your family, it’s well worth taking the 6 home safety tips listed above to heart!

6 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling Solo

If you’re tired of waiting for your friends to travel with you, it’s well worth heading out on solo adventures, just ensure to follow the 6 safety tips listed below in order to decrease your chances of encountering a dangerous situation.

6 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling Solo:

Leave your valuables at home

If you’re traveling solo, depending on the countries you plan on exploring it may be a wise idea to leave valuables such as a pricey watch, expensive jewelry and designer clothes at home. As wearing or carrying around expensive valuable, may make you an easy target for thieves.

Let a trusted friend or family member know about your travel plans

If you have a firm travel schedule, it’s well worth sending it to a trusted friend or family member as that way if you fall behind schedule or go missing, your friend will have a rough idea of the area, which you would’ve been traveling through.

If you’re a spontaneous traveler, who doesn’t like to follow a set itinerary, it may also be worth discussing arranging check-in dates, on which you’ll email, message or call your chosen friend to check in.

Only use trustworthy cab companies or pre-book a trusted shuttle company

When you arrive at your destination it’s well worth asking an airport employee for the name of a trustworthy cab company. When it comes time to choosing a cab, only hop into a cab if you feel comfortable. If your gut instinct tells you not to hop into a cab, simply wait for another cab.

Alternatively, you may want to pre-book a highly rated shuttle company to pick you up from the airport and transport you to your accommodation.

If possible, book accommodation in a safe, centrally located area

While it may be tempting to book a cheap hotel which is located off the beaten tourist track if you’re traveling solo it’s far wiser to book accommodation in a safe, centrally located area. As after a long day of sightseeing, it’s far safer to walk back to a hotel which is located in a safe, busy area, which boasts plenty of street light and foot traffic.

Treat yourself to a new outfit from a local store

As a solo traveler, it’s far safer to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. One of the easiest ways to fit in and to disguise yourself as a local is to purchase a cheap new outfit from a local store.

Instead of carrying a map around, rely on Google maps

Instead of carrying around an unwieldy oversized map, it’s well worth using Google maps to get yourself orientated with your surroundings. If you don’t plan on using data, whilst you’re traveling, you can use free internet at your hotel and at various public areas to look up directions, which you can then take screenshots of.

So if you love the idea of solo travel, start booking your plane flights for your next adventure. Just remember, to follow the 6 safety precautions listed above, in order to stay safe.