What is Sharepoint Used For?

Share-Point2015While Sharepoint is certainly not the only blogging platform susceptible to the problems of spam, its architecture does not help the problem. Sharepoint is a software platform developed by Microsoft specifically for web publishing and file sharing, although it is not optimised specifically for this task.

While many people use Sharepoint for blogging, some of its other uses include wiki development, website development, and content management. This broad range of different applications is one of the reasons why Sharepoint blogs are not very good at dealing with spam. Sharepoint has no spam prevention out-of-the-box, and protection needs to be implemented by users through various techniques.

One popular method is to use the data view to delete many items of spam at once, by using the Sharepoint data grid and deleting numerous rows at a time. While this is an efficient way to delete spam once it has already been uploaded, it is also a good idea to use a CAPTCHA mechanism to block spam before it is uploaded.

A lot of spam is uploaded in an automated fashion, so a CAPTCHA is a great way to cut dramatically down on spam. Custom workflows can also be made to delete spam, and column entry procedures can be set up to act as a home made CAPTCHA mechanism. While Sharepoint is a powerful blogging system, it is often necessary to set up these kinds of filters and conduct these kinds of manual spam deletion techniques.