What are Laptop and Notebook Anti-Theft Devices?

While the improvement in laptop technology and portability means that more of us have access to mobile computing power than ever before, laptop theft remains an important concern. However, along with an increase in power and storage capacity, many gamer laptop manufacturers have also developed some innovations in laptop security and anti-theft technology. While there […]

Spam Prevention for the Linux Operating System

The Linux operating system is a family of different OS distributions that are based on Unix. While only used by a relatively small proportion of computer users, Linux does have a strong community of both users and developers.  is probably the biggest example of free and open source software development in the world, and the […]

What is Sharepoint Used For?

While Sharepoint is certainly not the only blogging platform susceptible to the problems of spam, its architecture does not help the problem. Sharepoint is a software platform developed by Microsoft specifically for web publishing and file sharing, although it is not optimised specifically for this task. While many people use Sharepoint for blogging, some of […]