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What are Laptop and Notebook Anti-Theft Devices?

Kensington_lock_for_Notebook_LaptopWhile the improvement in laptop technology and portability means that more of us have access to mobile computing power than ever before, laptop theft remains an important concern. However, along with an increase in power and storage capacity, many gamer laptop manufacturers have also developed some innovations in laptop security and anti-theft technology. While there are many methods that are used to protect laptops, including alarms, locks, and software protection, the most popular anti-theft device that is included on most laptops is a Kensington security slot.

Kensington Locks

A Kensington security slot is sometimes referred to as a K-Slot or a Kensington lock and is included by various manufacturers on many different laptop designs. It is comprised of a small hole that is reinforced by metal, and is used for the attachment of various lock-and-cable devices. Some manufacturers, including Kensington themselves, make these locking devices, which often use a key or combination system that is attached to a rubber-metal cable. The end of the loop that is not attached to the computer can be looped around any permanent object, such as a piece of furniture or a part of a building or other structure. As well as being used by individuals for the protection of their own laptops, a number of electronics stores also use these devices to secure their laptop stock.

There are other manufacturers who have developed alternative laptop security products, some of which do not require a special locking hole. While not as strong as a Kensington lock in most situations, they do have the advantage of being much more versatile. These locks can be attached to popular laptop ports such as VGA ports or printer ports, and so do not require a dedicated security slot configuration. Along with Kensington locks and similar physical devices, other aspects of laptop security include alarms and various methods of software protection. While software protection may not stop the physical theft of a mobile computer device, it can be very good at restricting access to the data inside. While anti-theft technology was once only seen on gamer laptop computers and other expensive machines, it is now a common feature on most notebooks.

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